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ULV Fogger Machine ( Stainless steel Grade 304.)

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ULV Fogger Machine ( Stainless steel Grade 304.)

The opposite of a thermal fogger is an ultra-low volume ULV fogger, a cold fogger which

operates using a distinct fogging technique. To produce a fog with small droplets, ULV

foggers are equipped with motors that produce a high power, low-pressure air stream.

The liquid solution is sprayed out of the nozzle in the form of a fog or fine mist. ULV

foggers mostly use electricity to power an electric motor.


Features of ULV Fogger Machine.

 Max. area coverage as compare to any other fumigator.

 100% convenient, Portable And Easy to use.

 Moter Speed up to 2800 rpm.

 Particle Size 0.5-30 micron.

 Vissible fog range 20-40 feet.

 Discharge rate 300 ml/ min, Adjustable.

 Control valve- One turn, brash valve.

 304 grade Stainless steel body.

 Timer range 0-60 min.

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